Should You Pick a Laptop or Desktop Computer?


Whether for work or play, a laptop is one of the most versatile tools you'll ever own. While it's much easier to carry a laptop around than a desktop computer, laptops aren't always the right fit for every situation. When deciding whether to buy a desktop or laptop, consider the following pros and cons of each system:


Laptops win big here. You can easily put them in a bag and take them with you. Desktops are often too large and bulky to carry around. They are best used as a home computer or office environment.


While both desktops and laptops have their own advantages in terms of performance, desktops tend to perform better in terms of raw horsepower. The main reason is upgradability. Desktops can easily install new components, such as graphics cards, which can boost image quality beyond what an integrated laptop graphics card can achieve. The desktop also allows you to customize it for specific tasks like video editing or gaming. With a laptop, you usually get something in terms of performance; there's no easy way to upgrade most models of CPU or GPU.

Placed in the workplace

With a desktop system, you will have a dedicated workspace. Once set, it cannot be moved. A laptop offers more flexibility as you can use it at home, in the office, in the library, or even on the go.

Keyboard size and comfort

Full-size keyboards on desktops are usually more comfortable than those on laptops because there is more room for all the keys. If typing ergonomics are important to you, consider using an external keyboard on your laptop for a more comfortable experience.


Desktops are generally much cheaper than laptops. Some high-end desktop models cost more than comparable laptops, but even then, these desktops tend to have more powerful components. For example, you can get a powerful gaming PC for $2,000, or a high-end MacBook Pro for $2,000 and get slightly better performance out of a PC. If you're on a tight budget, a desktop might be your best bet.

Last Words

Laptops and tablets have become the norm, but some people still prefer desktop computers. If you're confused about making a choice, consider the portability, price, upgradeability, and performance of these devices to narrow down your options.