Velvetiser Coffee Recipes


I have made my travel plan for 2021, which includes spending a lazy afternoon at the high-end cafe Rivoire in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy, drinking luxurious hot chocolate. Alas, this did not happen. I really like chocolate (I like it every day). Rivoire has been making handmade chocolates since 1998. When I dreamed of Italian cuisine, there were not only ravioli and truffles, but also hot chocolate and unsweetened whipped cream.

Fortunately, 2021 is not a mess for delicious hot chocolate. A holiday gift brought me unexpectedly close to recreating this experience in my kitchen. I should admit now: I have a hard time buying. My relatives usually insist on wearing sweaters and the like. But this year my wife took a gamble and gave me a high-tech hot chocolate machine. Velvetiser ($150) is my new obsession with the kitchen. It comes from a British company called Hotel Chocolate. It is basically an electric kettle that can bubble and heat rotten hot chocolate, perfect one cup at a time.

You pour milk into the Velvetiser and then add a package of delicious hot chocolate mix (sold separately). These sachets are not Miss Swiss powder, but contain super high-quality chocolate chips-no dehydrated mini marshmallows can be seen. In addition to the "basic" options such as milky white (50% cocoa), classic (70%) and dark (85%), there are some beautiful flavor variations including hazelnut pralines, salted caramel, ginger and blood orange. (I like pepper the best, my wife likes mint.)

The real genius here is the detachable blender, which stirs the right amount of air into the milk while heating. Two and a half minutes after starting Velvetiser, the result was a very smooth, slightly frothy, precisely heated hot chocolate.

The Velvetiser lining is a non-stick coating, so cleaning takes 10 seconds. (If you have wiped the pan with slightly charred hot cocoa, you will know that this is a big deal.) Each pack of chocolate costs about $2 (if you buy in bulk, the price will be lower), so this is definitely It is an indulgence. But the drinkable chocolate is worth the price.

Velvetiser Recipes

It's here... Taking inspiration from the rare cocoa growing around us, we have created an exclusive cocoa delicacy menu. Never heavy, our cocoa is sometimes used as a spice or infusion, but it is always in the harmony of nature, health and excitement. This is an exclusive collection of recipes created by our own chef, allowing you to taste the full charm of Boucan. I hope you enjoy making and tasting them. White chocolate mash This is the best-selling side dish in our restaurant. White chocolate subtly substitutes cocoa butter for some commonly used butter, raising the humble potato to a new level of hedonism.

White chocolate mash

This is the best-selling side dish in our restaurant. White chocolate subtly substitutes cocoa butter for some commonly used butter, raising the humble potato to a new level of hedonism.

Ø Preparation time: 10 minutes

Ø Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ø Total time: 40 minutes

Ø Easy to prepare: easy

Ø Serves: 6

Raw material

Ø 500g hot mashed potatoes

Ø 100ml whole milk

Ø 100 grams of white chocolate, cut into nut-sized pieces

Ø 100g unsalted butter


Ø Boil the potatoes for about 25 minutes or until tender.

Ø Put the hot mashed potatoes in a large bowl.

Ø Add the white chocolate, making sure all the chocolate is melted. Stir the remaining ingredients until smooth.

Ø Add a little salt to taste.

Velvetiser reviews


"For chocolate lovers-you need this. Velvetiser is a home barista style hot chocolate machine."-Evening Standard

"In this winter, raise your level and make chocolate like a professional."-Excellent

"It makes me smile, it makes me dance, it makes me soft."-Guardian

"Tell you, this hot chocolate is amazing. It's like a chocolate mousse in liquid form. It's delicious. It's very good!" – Gadgets Exhibition

"Forget naff hot chocolate, this gadget will provide cafe-quality hot chocolate at home, with zero fuss and confusion every time." – GQ

"Chocolate heaven... If the perfect plant-based hot chocolate keeps you away, please say hello to "The Velvetiser"." – Vegetarian

"Give barista-grade hot chocolate as a gift during this holiday season. This chic device comes from the extraordinary chocolate Hotel Chocolat designed by Dualit, which produces velvet hot chocolate at the touch of a button." – Evening Standard Online

"Use The Velvetiser kitchen top system to enjoy a rich, silky chocolate drink. Sprinkle a bag of chocolate chips and open the barista-style hot chocolate at home." – Metro


Velvetiser Top Questions

1. How is using this machine different from making instant hot chocolate, coffee or milkshakes?

Instant chocolate is mainly sugar (or sugar substitutes containing chemicals) and very little cocoa powder-we are all familiar with the result of lumpy, artificial tasting. But all beverages made for Velvetiser only use pure grated chocolate or cocoa butter, which is rich in flavor and not too sweet. The texture of the finished drink is crucial: it is not too strong or too watery, but silky and smooth—"velvety". Once you are velvetized, there is no turning back.

2. How do you use such a machine to make barista-grade drinks?

Effortlessly. First, make sure your whisk is in place: this is really important. Then add the milk of your choice and pour a single serving of your hot chocolate or latte on top. Close the lid, press the button, and you can prepare the perfect drink in just 2.5 minutes. Want a perfect iced chocolate or latte? It's simple. In the Velvetiser, add the disposable flakes to 110 ml of milk (the milk should just cover the blender). Pour 100 ml of milk on 6-8 ice cubes in a tall glass. Let cool. When your chocolate or latte is soft, pour it on iced milk and watch it mix. enjoy!

3. What kind of milk can I use?

These are all valid: Dairy products-skimmed, half-fat or whole milk Plant milk-almonds, cashews, coconuts, hazelnuts, rice, soybeans Or you can use water-100% water or 50/50 water/milk mixture, depending on personal taste preference. Go experiment!

4. how long?

2.5 minutes-Thoroughly melt the hot chocolate or latte ingredients and add to the milk of your choice.

5. Can I grind my own chocolate into The Velvetiser?

Do not. It is calibrated to be used with the size and weight of real chocolate chips we grade-accurately measured to get the best taste and texture. Chocolate blocks that are too large will produce "hot spots", which will burn the motor and damage the machine.

6. Where do I get hot chocolate and latte?

Directly from us at the Chocolate Hotel. Innovative hot chocolate and latte recipes have been launched, including limited editions and seasonal specials. You can even set up a flexible hot chocolate subscription with us to ensure you never run out.

7. Can I use other sizes of cups?

In order to create the perfect taste and texture, we balance 220 ml (8 ounces) of liquid every time we drink-and create a perfect fit Podcup. According to our experience, this is the ideal serving size, which will satisfy you but not oversatisfy. Do you want to drink half a cup? Only use half of the liquid and half of the disposable sachet.

8. Can I make iced chocolate or latte with Velvetiser?

Yes, it is easy. Pour 110 ml of the milk of your choice into the Velvetiser so that it just covers the whisk, and then add your single portion of milk. Pour 100 ml of milk on 6-8 ice cubes in a tall glass, and then cool. Once your chocolate or latte becomes velvety, pour it over iced milk and watch it mix. enjoy!

9. Can I make coffee with Velvetiser?

You can't make ordinary coffee, but you can use our Velvet Latte range to make better coffee: the best latte you have never drunk. This creamy, silky texture-from the first bite to the last bite-comes from an unlikely source: cocoa butter. Only a chocolatier can think of it. Making a barista-grade latte is as easy as our hot chocolate: pour 220 ml of milk of your choice into your Velvetiser, sprinkle your individual portion, press the button, and let Velvetiser perform its work in just 2.5 minutes magic. To make a delicious mocha with your favorite hot chocolate, you just need to pour a cup of espresso into the freshly made velvet chocolate and enjoy the perfect afternoon refreshment. Salted caramel, milk, classic and hazelnuts all work well. For best results, add espresso to your cup before pouring hot chocolate.

10. Can I use my Velvetiser to make frothy milk for my coffee?

Yes, it will do quite well, even if this is not what it was designed for-to stir and beat the melted chocolate.

11. Can I use my Pod Cup in the dishwasher?

We recommend that you clean the Pod Cups before using it for the first time. Your Pod Cup can be safely used in the dishwasher.