All the Best National Banks


Our top recommendations in each U.S. area are listed below. We've also included our top picks for the best online bank and best countrywide bank (for nomads and frequent movers). The finest American bank in the New England area: Banque T.D. (Member FDIC) Over 1,100 TD Bank branch offices and roughly 2,600 TD Bank ATMs may be found in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

This bank stands out because several of its branches are open seven days a week, which is convenient if you cannot visit during normal business hours. In addition, J.D. Power's 2021 U.S. National Banking Satisfaction Study placed T.D. Bank in third place.

You should know that T.D. Bank's ATM costs aren't inherently greater than those of other banks, but the tiny print of your checking account agreement could change your mind.

Only the T.D. Bank Beyond Checking Account waives ATM fees at non-TD Bank locations. If your balance is at least $2,500, T.D. Bank will cover the cost of using an ATM that is not part of their network.

Regions Financial Corporation, Best Southeast National Bank (Member FDIC) Regions has 1,300 branch branches in 16 states and about 2,000 automated teller machine (ATM) locations.

What makes Regions stand out?

What makes Regions stand out is its wide selection of checking and savings accounts. No maintenance fees are associated with the LifeGreen® Savings account, and you will get a cash bonus each year.

U.S. Bank has around 2,000 branches throughout 26 states and about 5,000 automated teller machine (ATM) locations.

There are several national banks to choose from, but if you wish to open a certificate of deposit (CD), U.S. Bank is a good option. Bank of America offers a wider variety of certificates of deposit (C.D.s) than most major banks, including options such as the Step Up CD, which raises your rate once every seven months if U.S. Bank rates rise, and the Trade Up CD, which raises your rate once throughout the term if U.S. Bank rates rise.

Caution: U.S. Bank makes it slightly more difficult to waive monthly maintenance fees than many competing national banks. Furthermore, as of right now, Michigan has no branch sites open to the public. National banks, including Chase, Bank of America, and PNC Bank, are options for Michigan residents.

Bank of America is the best national bank in the Southwest (Member FDIC). Nearly 4,000 Bank of America branches and 16,000 ATMs are spread throughout 38 states.

Your most flexible national bank

More than 4,800 Chase branches and almost 16,000 ATMs are spread out across the lower 48 states. This bank stands out from the rest because of its extensive branch and ATM network. Many other types of bank accounts are available, including those tailored specifically to the needs of the military, students, and children.

Chase has reliable checking accounts, although some have expensive regular fees. There are some accounts where it is easier to get the fees waived than others. Similarly, certain states do not have Chase locations.

Ally is the top-rated online bank (Member FDIC)

Branches and automated teller machines: Ally Bank is an online-only financial institution. Hence there are no physical facilities where customers can deposit or withdraw money. Despite the lack of Ally ATMs, the 55,000+ ATMs that make up the Allpoint network are yours to use without fees.

Why it stands out: This financial institution has been a dominant force in the high-yield savings market for some years, and its online banking platform has won numerous accolades. Mobile check deposits and a searchable database of ATMs in its network are just two of the convenient services offered by its app. Ally is unique among online banks because it provides phone and lives chat support around the clock.

Be wary of switching to an online bank if you're the type who feels more comfortable doing business with a human being. It's important to remember that Ally offers several different CDs, so if you're considering opening an account there, you should select the CD that best suits your needs.

Why some other national banks weren't included

The following are some of the best national banks that still need to make our final cut. If any of these financial institutions sounds interesting, you should still look into them. Consider Insider's rundown of the top online banks if you're considering switching to one.

Bank of America has higher customer satisfaction and trustworthiness ratings than its rival, Wells Fargo (Member FDIC), which has the second-most branches in most U.S. states. Citizens Bank (Member FDIC) is a reliable option for Northeast residents. However, it is less widespread than T.D. Bank.

Similar to Citizens Bank, Santander is a good option for customers in the Northeast. However, T.D. Bank has more branches.