Don't Mind High-risk for High Reward? Here are the Top 10 Tech Stocks in 2023 That You Must Consider


The tech sector has been growing exponentially. Every business utilizing innovative technology falls into the tech-sector category, from streaming services to software developers and cloud-based service providers to mobile developers. Investors follow tech sectors because of their potential to maximize their investment and help in portfolio diversification. 

The long-term growth opportunity with the potential of earning a considerable income makes them quite an attractive investment option for investors looking for high-risk and high-reward stocks. But with that, you need a sense of stability and consistent revenues from your investment. Considering investors' requirements, we've compiled a list of the ten most popular, stable, and secure tech stocks you can invest in. Let's take a look.

1. Apple

Apple is the name that tops every list of the best tech stocks in the world, and it's not hard to see why. The company's valuation went from $1 trillion to $3 trillion. Starting in Steve Jobs' family garage, Apple has become one of the most popular tech companies by market capitalization. It's among the few companies with a market capitalization in trillions, making it even more appealing to investors. The company is also earning from its Apple devices and intelligent wear gadgets. Still, its expansion to cloud services has made it incredibly popular among Gen-Z people and millennials. 

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is the name behind the software developers that introduced the first computer for public use in the 1980s. Microsoft developed quickly in its early days because of the high demand for personal computers, and the company kept expanding since then. Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and other cloud-based services are considered significant sources of income. 

The company has fantastic growth potential. It currently has 25.4% of the 10-year-average annualized return, meaning the investors earn 25.4% on their investment for ten years consecutively. 

3. Visa Inc.

A few globally accepted credit/debit cards offer fantastic welcome bonuses, cashback rewards, and other exciting deals that seem attractive to customers. Because of its extensive usage and global acceptance, Visa has become the most popular card network worldwide. Experts estimate 8.5% revenue growth for Visa in 2023 and 11% for 2024. Investment in this tech company isn't just for those looking for high-reward stocks but is equally suitable for those looking for stable revenues.

4. Mastercard

Like Visa, Mastercard is another financial institution that has captured the attention of all investors and customers worldwide. The second-largest payment processor operates globally, allowing customers to flawlessly process transactions at brick-and-mortar and online stores. It charges a flat 0.6% on cross-border transactions. 

Since many travelers use credit cards at international borders, Mastercard has witnessed unstoppable growth in recent years. Like Visa, Mastercard is immune to the latest digital payment and other financial trends, making it a safe and highly-rewarding investment opportunity. This $330 billion market-cap company has a mighty brand name and an excellent network worldwide, which may drive its long-term, double-digit growth.

5. Adobe Inc.

This marketing and creative content-producing software is popular among all graphic designers and artists. Despite its popularity, Adobe Inc. has reported only a 2.2% surge in its stock price. Experts estimate the software company's revenue to rise by 9% in 2023. The creative cloud services of Adobe are its core segment.

6. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems provides software solutions, including cybersecurity solutions, cloud-based services, and networking. The company is for investors planning a portfolio diversification with stocks from reputable tech organizations. Its 3.2% dividend yield surpasses the dividend percentage of all companies mentioned above. We expect incredible future growth for Cisco as the demand for high bandwidth, networking solutions, and cloud computing has skyrocketed worldwide.

7. Alphabet Inc. 

This California-based tech company has a market capitalization of $1 trillion. Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google's parent company in 1998. Earlier, it was a simple search engine that could provide you access to different online resources, but it's grown into the leading search engine that's been used by nearly all internet users worldwide. 

It's also become a place for businesses to advertise their products and reach a broad audience in different parts of the world. With a 10-year-average annualized return rate of 11.4%, investing in this tech giant makes sense for high-reward-seeking investors and those looking for consistent revenues.

8. Nvidia Corp

Nvidia Corp is the most rewarding and the best-performance stock, not only because of its consistent growth since 1993 but because it's the only stock to have witnessed a 63.5% gain from the start of 2023 to now. The company produces graphic designing chips for computers, workstations, mobiles, consoles, and nearly all devices. Incorporating AI and other advanced technology into its graphic design and excellent growth rate make it an attractive investment.

9. Salesforce

With its market cap reaching almost 194 billion, Salesforce is the most popular CRM solution provider. It's perfect for IT companies that need cloud-based remote business management software to streamline all core operations and minimize the risk of security issues and inefficiencies. The company's shares are trading at a low valuation, even though it's earned an excellent reputation in the tech market.

10. Accenture

Specializing in IT services and consulting, Accenture is a reputable name in the IT sector. This Irish-American company is on this list because of its loyal clientele, excellent track record, impressive balance sheet, and incredible growth rate. Investors looking for a high-risk and high-reward investment opportunity should consider Accenture, which offers long-term growth potential and excellent estimated returns.

These were the ten rewarding tech companies with solid businesses and massive potential for the future. Investing in one of these can be an excellent decision for investors diversifying their portfolios.