China leads the world in coronavirus vaccination and vaccine exports


China leads the world in coronavirus vaccination and vaccine exports

A report on COVID-19 vaccination released by the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) on Thursday shows that China is a world leader in the number of COVID-19 vaccination, vaccine exports and assistance to other countries and regions.

China is a global leader in the number of vaccinations. As of June 19, the number of domestic vaccinations exceeded 1 billion, accounting for more than one-third of the total global doses. Read the co-authored report on the global use of COVID-19 vaccine Chongyang Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China (RDCY)

According to our statistics, as of July 22, the number of domestic vaccines vaccinated rapidly increased to 1.48 billion, bringing China’s vaccination rate to 52.9%, and as of July 20, at least one dose of vaccine was vaccinated in the global population. The ratio is 26.5%. Data world.

Today, China accounts for half of the 38 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine that are vaccinated every day in the world.

RDCY Executive Dean Wang Wen said on Thursday that the country is expected to vaccinate 70% of its population by the end of this year.

“Making vaccines more accessible and affordable for developing countries is one of the most prominent issues in the global fight against pandemics. Faced with this problem, China first stated that it would provide assistance to developing countries,” said Li Baodong, Secretary of the Boao Forum for Asia Long, Thursday.

Developed countries, as well as the Group of Twenty, Group of Seven, European Union and other groups have also proposed plans and goals for providing vaccine assistance to developing countries.

The report said that China's vaccine assistance and exports have exceeded the total amount of other countries, and developing countries are the main export destinations.

As of May 2021, China has exported 252 million doses of vaccines, accounting for 42% of the total vaccine production, equivalent to one-sixth of the world's total vaccine production, while the domestic use of vaccines is 99%, or 330 million doses. U.S.

The EU exported 111 million doses of vaccines, accounting for 11% of its total vaccine production. The report stated that Russia exported 35% of its vaccine production, or 69 million doses.

"From the perspective of the implementation of plans and intentions, the statements of many countries and organizations have not fully translated into reality. From the data point of view, several countries have made many promises in providing vaccines, but have done very little." Said Li Keqiang pointed out that the United States has a large stock of vaccines, and there is a big gap between actual actions and its capabilities.

Wang also pointed out that millions of doses of vaccines in the United States have been discarded due to expiration. Wang said that the United States initially planned to deliver 80 million doses of vaccine by June 30, but shipments were less than 24 million doses.

The European Union's vaccine distribution policy focuses on ensuring coverage in EU member states only. According to the report, the group mainly exports vaccines to middle- and high-income countries.

"The international community should establish a coordination mechanism to effectively solve the problem of unbalanced vaccine distribution, especially the supply and affordability of COVID-19 vaccines in underdeveloped countries," said Shao Yiming, chief physician and immunologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevention, said Thursday.

Shao added that the international media did not objectively and comprehensively report on China's efforts.