Top 10 Indoor Games to Keep Your Cat Active

Many people appreciate cats' playful and curious natures, but their indoor living conditions can deny them the opportunity to exercise and stimulate their minds. As owners, we must give our cats ways to raise their energy and motivation. This article will discuss the top ten indoor games to ensure your feline friend gets exercise and fun.

1. Interactive Feather Wand

The handheld furry wand is a favourite among cats of all ages and their owners. It is made of a long wooden stick with a feather or anything else that attracts the viewer at one end. The appeal of this game is based on its simplicity and the fact that it mimics natural prey movements, stimulating your cat's hunting instincts.


To play with your cat, put the wand in your hand and wave the feather in front of it. Watch as your cat goes for the feather with accuracy and grace as she pounces, leaps, and swats with precision.

2. Treat Puzzle Toys

Playing with puzzle toys is one of the best ways to engage your cat mentally and, in the process, also have some fun. Many types of treat puzzles can be bought, including those with sliding compartments and ones that are more complex and require problem-solving skills to get at the treat. Put the toy with your cat's favourite treats or kibble inside and let them discover how to get their treats in the toy.

3. Hide and Seek

Cats are always up on an excellent hide-and-seek game, especially when it involves a favourite toy or treat. This game brings to their mind this curiosity and allows them to discover their surroundings while they remain active. Start by hiding your cat's beloved toy or treat in a place that is accessible and, at the same time, hidden a little.

Give your cat a cue word like "search" or "find" to help them find the treat. While they explore and investigate the area, they will enjoy an exciting discovery and a delightful treat.

4. Catnip Playtime

Catnip is a herb that is too attractive and stimulating for most cats to resist. Placing catnip inside the play time regimen could make your cat more interested and perky. Try out toys with catnip inside, or sprinkle a little bit of dried catnip on the toys and scratching posts your cat already likes. First, set up a catnip toy or area and carefully read the cat's response.

5. DIY Obstacle Course

Construct a DIY agility course with items around your house to test your cat's coordination. Create cat tunnels with cardboard boxes or blankets draped over the furniture for the cat to play in. Suggest placing different-sized cushions or pillows at different heights for her to jump onto and balance them. Interrupt the obstacles with playthings and bonuses: this will encourage your cat to overcome any difficulty.

6. Musical Chairs for Cats

Add a felinity to the famous musical chairs game by placing the cat beds or cushions in a ring shape. Use the music your cat likes the most, or introduce a sound cue when you are about to move to the other doormat. The music comes on, and while the cat is running and walking, set sign boards that indicate positions where the cat should sit at each turn of the music. If you want your cat to be eager to play with you, sprinkle treats or toys on each bed to excite the cat and maintain the game's interest.

7. Fishing Rod Toy

A fishing rod toy is another game that imitates the movements of prey, which makes your cat chase it and act on its instincts to hunt. The most popular toy in this category is usually a soft rod with a string or a light wire fastened to a toy that swings at the end.


To play, position the toy fishing rod in front of your cat and watch how your cat enjoys playing with it. For example, run it around in a manner suitable for living things: darting from one corner to another or jumping up and down.

8. Interactive Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is one of the most exciting games for many cats. Many are obsessed with chasing moving light, which is automatic for them. A handheld laser pointer is an ideal toy as it lets you follow the light beam across the walls, floors, or furniture, making the target moveable and engaging for your cat. For playing, you can just put the laser pointer anywhere within the kitten's reach that the cat can easily see.

9. Scent-Based Treasure Hunt

Cats have noses that are a hundred times more sensitive than ours. You can use this natural ability to play the scent-based treasure hunt game. Get a couple of small containers or places to hide (e.g., empty cardboard boxes and fabric socks) and put a treat or a small amount of catnip inside each one. Sprinkle these containers over the given area, where you can have a room or a play area.

10. Paper Bag Hide-and-Seek

Cats are so well-known for their instinct to seek out small, concealed places, and a piece of paper bag can be a great source of joy and play. Sit a paper bag (handles off) on the floor and wait for the cat to explore its strange rustling sound and crispy texture. Incentivize your cat to enter the bag by adding a toy or treat you can share. You can gently move the bag or shake it pleasantly to attract them.


Such indoor games propose several engaging options to ensure your cat remains mentally stimulated, physically active, and always fun. From fishing rod toys and interactive laser pointers to paper bag tags and scent-based scavenger hunts, there's something every cat will enjoy playing with, depending on their preferences and play style.